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Makeup Tips – For the Fall and Winter Season

It can be hard to go outside the norm when it comes to choosing a makeup color. Typically, when you find the color that works for you, it is that same color you grab out of the cosmetic bag every day. With the season changing however, cosmetic experts are saying to take a chance and change your look. And whatever you do – make it bold!

Instead of keeping up with the soft, sporty, sun-kissed look of the summer, one makeup tip is to begin using more bold colors in your makeup regime to take you into the fall season, said Barbara Harrington, a Hockessin resident and distributor for SeneGence International®.

Bold lip and eye colors are perfect for fall seasonal events and holiday parties. And vibrant make-up will offset the darker, heavier clothing often found in your fall/winter wardrobe. So, be fearless with color, but be careful not to go overboard” cautions Harrington as her next makeup tip.

“A bold eye or a bold lip is the perfect accessory for the fall,” said Harrington. “Pick a feature to define: bright, bold colors like berry tones, plums and reds are perfect for lips and deep shades such as indigo, onyx and charcoal will make the eyes really stand out are some other makeup tips to consider for transition into our next season.”

“This is the time of year where you can try new things while defining your best features. Be creative and have fun with color,” said Harrington. “With bright, bold colors, you can make a statement.”

Berry-toned colors usually work for all skin tones, but if you are not sure which colors will look best on you and if you don’t usually wear makeup.

“Accentuate one feature: Pick either your eyes or lips. If you heavily define both features, it will look overwhelming and unnatural” states Harrington.

There is no need to be heavy on the blush either when there is emphasis on your eyes or lips, but a touch of bronzing powder on your chin, forehead and cheek will give a nice sun-kissed look that is perfect year-round, said Harrington in her next makeup tip.
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