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Are you spending more makeup than you should?

How much do you spend each month on makeup?

Just makeup alone, to put on your face before you head for work, you need makeup primer, foundation, loose powder, lipstick, blusher, eye shadow, mascara and liner. For touch ups, to keep that professional front, you'll keep a lipstick and lip balm and powder, possibly shadow, blusher, the works in your hand bag. If you use luxury brands, that can cost a small fortune. If your income is high enough, it shouldn't be a problem. But wouldn't it be nice to put a dent in your makeup expenses without sacrificing the results? (Make Up Secrets)

You can make the most out of every tube of lipstick you buy. Waste not want not. An old saying that makes sense. Do you have tubes of lipstick that were melted in the sun, or squashed so you can't apply them properly anymore?

First, check if the lipstick has expired. Lipstick can last up to 2 years, though some say 4. In any case, if it smells different, throw it away. Salvage the lipstick that is still good.

Buy a lip brush. With that brush, you can scrape out the left over lipstick from the tubes to paint your lips. That way, you can ensure you use every last scrap of lipstick to avoid wastage.

If you want things a little more elegant, you can scrape out the melted or broken lipstick from the tubes and put them into tiny, empty ointment jars. First, make sure the jar you use is completely clean. Wash it out with soap and water and dry it completely. Then you can use it to contain your lipstick remnants.

Here's the fun part. Do you remember those makeup palettes that contain several lipsticks?

This is where you create your own with scraps of your leftover lipsticks.

1. Dig up all the lipstick you can from the tube with your lip brush and put it in a corner of the clean, dry ointment jar. 2. Use a tissue paper to clean off all the lipstick from the brush and then use that brush to dig up all the remnants from the next tube, putting the scraps into the jar together, to form the next color block. 3. Repeat until you have emptied all the lipstick tubes you are trying to salvage.

That's all. You have a new lip palette in your ointment jar.

Another you can save on your makeup is to scout around for the best deals you can get and take advantage of promos and offers when you shop for cosmetics.
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