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Ways to Get Rid of Flaky Lips

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Make sure to keep your lips moist, no one wants to kiss someone with dry cracked lips. You should always make certain that your lips are moisturized and have a luscious look of luscious, regardless of the reason. If your lips are flaky or cracked read these tips on how to deal with them here.

Make sure that you start a routine of using a moisturizer on a regular basis. If you are sick of constantly moisturizing your lips, you can try to prevent them from becoming flaky in the first place. Apply lip balm to your lips several times a day - you may want to keep it on you at all times, in your purse or pocket. Your lips will look nicer and they will feel more supple.

Try a toothbrush. The flakes of skin on your lips can be exfoliated using just an old toothbrush and some Vaseline petroleum jelly. Apply a good amount and let it soak onto your upper and lower lips for a couple of minutes. (Yes, it is strange-looking and kind of uncomfortable, however it will help to remove the dead skin. Brush gently round and round on the lips for a minute or so. Use a towel or tissue to clean away the excess petroleum jelly when you're done. Your flaky lips will be a thing of the past in no time at all. Try a proper lip scrub. Flaky lips can be done away with the help of the professionals. There are actual professional lip scrub products to be bought. (Sarah Happ makes a good one, buy it online for around $20.) Typically, they taste lovely and are applied in a similar way to the above methods. All it takes is one application and you can say goodbye to flaky, dry lips. Even though the other methods may be cheaper, lips scrubs taste so delicious that you'll keep coming back to them.

Moisturize overnight. If your lips are parched and flaky, you can also help them by putting on a potent lip moisturizer at bedtime. Apply petroleum jelly or a similar moisturizer, and make sure that you apply it very thick. Apply this before going to sleep, and you'll have soft and fresh lips the next morning. For luscious lips, simply remove the dead skin flakes formed overnight, then apply a lip balm immediately.

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