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Get Rid of Chapped Lips

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Lips are considered the most important part of the beauty. Even poets wrote thousands of poems on the beauty of their beloved in which beauty of lips are highlighted. Every person wants smooth lips but in colder months lips become chapped and results in bleeding.

Chapped lips are often looked dry, red and flaky. This condition is very painful and sometimes these crack results in bleeding. Generally, pain is shifting but pain become continuous whenever lips become drier and cuts appears more deeply.


Normally, chapped lips occur when moisture of lips disappears. In the absence of moisture lips become easily chapped. The main cause of chapped lips is exposure to sun, wind, heat and dry air as all these conditions take the moisture from the skin. If you are not taking essential fatty acids or a diet that is poor in vitamin B, there are much chances of having dry lips. Dehydration is another cause of dry lips. If someone applies the lipstick which is highly chemical then there is a chance of having chapped lips.

Get rid of chapped lips

If your lips are not smooth even after applying a heavy amount of Vaseline you can use some useful things as they can help you getting chapped lips. You can smooth your lips on every morning and night by applying lip balm on it. Always try to use natural beauty product for decorating your lips. Prefer using a moisturized lipstick, as it will secure the moisture of lips.

Take warm water and cloth. Now, dip the cloth in water but be sure the cloth is not very hot to burn the skin. Rub the affected area with that cloth. After that splash cool water over it and put some moisturizing lip-gloss. Use a soft brush to remove the dead skin of lips. Apply a lip balm over your lips. Repeat the process as many time, as you feel necessary.

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