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Chapped Lips Cure

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Most often chapping happens in winter when the lips have a dry and flaky appearance with continuous pain. This chapping is more severe at the lip ends which crack and bleed with lip movements. If a proper chapped lips cure is ignored at this stage, then there is a sure possibility of developing a fungal infection called Angular Cheilitis. Practical observance confirms that fungal infections are hard to treat with contemporary medicine. Before we discuss a suitable chapped lips cure, it is advisable to know its causes.

What necessitates a chapped lips cure?
Lips begin to lose their original skin once they get excessively dehydrated. This occurs when the lips fail to retain the natural moisture and the skin dries up. Lips are devoid of oil making glands by nature and have no means to replenish the lost moisture. The upper skin dies and peels off giving place to a new raw skin. Before this raw skin gets time to ripen, it dies due to lack of moisture. This keeps on occurring in a cycle and forces an urgency to find a chapped lips cure. The known causes are listed below.
Long exposure to sun or when in contact with dry cold winds
Repeated licking of lips
Diet disorders like deficiencies in fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals
Less water intake
Contact allergies resulting from cosmetics and other beauty stuff
Side effects of some medicines

Chapped Lips Cure

1. Massage the lips liberally with petroleum jelly and leave it for a few minutes. Now dip a cloth in warm water and rub the lips gently. Dead skin will come off together with petroleum jelly.
2. Apply natural lip balm on lips throughout the day and especially before going to bed. The balm will have a soothing effect on the lips. Always use alcohol free lip balms because alcohol can dry the delicate lip skin further.
3. Ladies should use moisturizing lipstick to keep the lips protected during daytime.
4. Use Castor oil to keep the lips well oiled and do it as many times as possible.
5. The Best of all is to rub the lips with Vitamin E gel frequently.

The above mentioned remedies are low cost home solutions, but the aim is to kill bacteria and there is nothing like herbal medicine to do it.

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