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Sexy Lips

beautiful-Aishwarya-lips Getting sexy lips is easy with these simple steps

Creating shapely, sexy lips is easier than you think. With the right lipliner and lip color, any set of lips can become fuller and more alluring. Just follow these steps to create sexy lips.

Sexy Lips Tip 1: An effective way to create sexy lips is to apply a lipliner that matches your lip color, or using a soft natural tone. Try a Waterproof Mechanical Lip Definer Pencil, which is available from Aloette in six sultry shades. Not only will this lipliner help define the outline of your lips, but it is also a great way to keep your lip color from fading.

Sexy Lips Tip 2: To begin shaping the lips, use the lipliner at the center of your upper lip, then draw down towards the outer corners of each side to complete the line. Then, start at the corner of your bottom lip and follow the lip line to the opposite corner.

Sexy Lips Tip 3: Make sure your lip color stays on your mouth - and not on your teeth - by putting your index finger in your mouth, then drawing it out slowly with your mouth closed. This will remove any excess lip color.

Sexy Lips Tip 4: Create sexy lips by using pink, rose or natural glossy lip color to not only help shape your lips, but also to enhance the skinís natural hues. Effective lip colors to try are Petal from the Lip Colors Lipstick line and Rose Dust from the Liquid Lip Shine line.

If you choose one of the Lip Colors Lipstick, finish off the look with Lip Sheen to achieve shiny, healthy-looking lips. Also, lips get the added benefit of hydration with vitamin E, which is used in all these lip colors.

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