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Laser Hair Removal

Although Iím a big supporter of laser hair removal (after all, it is the most effective and painless ways of removing hair) Iím well aware that it isnít for everyone. For some people itís too expensive (which I completely understand, because laser hair removal isnít cheap), and for some people itís just not safe to have because of their hair or skin color.

So one of the next most effective options for hair removal is waxing.

Iím sure youíre already familiar with the basics of waxing. This is when a strip of material is pushed tightly against your skin, and pulled off in one quick movement, taking the wax (that has been applied earlier) and the hair with it.

Thereís also two main kinds of waxing. The first kind is a hot wax. This is when the wax (which is around body temperature) is spread over the area to be waxed, and as it hardens it becomes attached to the hair. So when the wax is removed it takes the hair with it by the roots. This can be painful for some people, but when you have it done professionally itís surprisingly not too painful.

The other kind is cold waxing. This is when the strips are already pre-coated with the wax. You simply press the strip against the area to be waxed, and then pull it off quickly.

So how long do the results last? For most people, they donít see significant hair re-growth from around 3 weeks all the way to 8 weeks. This means itís quite effective, but itís not as good as something like laser hair removal (although waxing is definitely cheaper).

So there you go. A useful alternative to laser hair removal. It is much cheaper, and it is still very effective, although it isnít permanent. Some people also find it quite painful, but if you havenít tried to then you may not mind the pain.
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