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Hottest Eye Makeup for Winter-How To Compliment Your Eyes

Muddled up with what make up colour to choose to bring your natural eye colour into sharp focus? Here is a perfect guideline sheet to help you with best shades. So, get going girls, treat your eyes the flash of colours that suits them the best.

Young girls usually choose eye makeup to compliment their skin tone. While some attempt to match their eye makeup to their outfit or accessories. Others religiously follow the latest eye makeup trend followed by their favourite celebrities or any hot women magazines. And the rest treat them like their mood rings, mirroring their mood with the colour. However if you would love to sweep the world with your natural eye colour, then follow these tips for choosing the right eye makeup colors.

Blue eyes : Sea blue eyes without any make up can grasp anybody's attention. However, if you want to sketch them the finest, then go for brown and rose. Warm and contrast shades contrast the coolness of blue eyes, making them a perfect head turner. Apply from lash lines to creases and top with black mascara.

Green eyes : Proud to own a piece of nature's beauty! Give it the best artistic look. Go for lavender and mocha. Purple shades also looks good but, makes eyes look very dramatic. Warmer shades of mocha complement green eyes, giving a natural effect. For a day out, wear mocha and for a night out party, lavender with brown mascara will be suitable. Avoid wearing emerald green eye shadow or liner as it will make your sparkling green eyes dull and lifeless in comparison, instead go for pink tones. Go for Loreal Cosmetics or any such good brands, since they have a great product line of shadows, liners and mascaras that are designed to enhance the natural eye color.

Brown eyes : Choose slightly shimmery texture, of green and gold as both the shades will help in picking up the colored flecks found in brown eyes. Blend it well and apply it from lash lines to brow bones.

Hazel eyes : Choose pale yellow and deep green. For a different look, apply shadow, then line eyes with the same color, using a liner brush dipped in water. Choose a shadow shade that matches different flecks in your eyes.

Stick with a more natural look during the day, like more matte neutral tones. At night, experiment with anything new. Wear something that has more sparkle and sheen to it. You can try bright colours or dark or anything that beats to the rhythm of your mood. More important aspect than the color choice is how you apply your eye makeup. So get those tips right blend the colours well and go explore the makeover you for a day.

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