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Eye Makeup Designs for Different Looks

The beauty and aptitude of eyes to put across, beholder's attitude towards outside world have been praised all through the centuries. Eyes express the true emotions of its beholders even before they try to hide it. However there is good news for today's generation who want to appear unique in each aspect of life and try the latest styles in fashion. If you really want to inflict your emotions in your eyes more effectively, here are some simple eye makeup design tips to match with your emotions.

For a Serene look in eyes

A serene look in the eyes of a person is the most welcoming look. Poets always praised the eyes that are deep as a sea, filled with calmness. Try out the following steps to put a serene look into your eyes.

Outline your eyebrows in the shape of simple arches.

Serene eyes are always characterized by dark brown color or deep blue color. If you inherit these eye colors naturally, good for you. Otherwise try to put the contact lenses of same color with the advise of an optician.

Even if you are a light colored person or a dark colored person, try to put light colored eye shadows that suit you best, around the eyelid and under brow.

You must draw a narrow line around your eyes. But if you have sunken eyes, apply the eyeliner only on the upper lid.

Slightly brush your eyelashes upward and brush down the eyelashes in the lower lid of the eye with the help of mascara for a serene look.
br> For a dreamy look

Dreamy eyes always signaled romantic ideas of the person. Artists and lovers are always associated with the dreamy look in their eyes. Glance at these makeup tactics to show your romantic attitude to the world.

* Outline your eyebrows in the shape of a long and complete arch.

* If your eyes don't have natural eye colors of light blue, light green, light brown or light yellow; seek the help of contact lenses for a dreamy look.

* If you are a light colored person apply light pink color eye shadow around your eyelid. If you are a dark skinned person apply dark cream eye shadow around your eyelid. You can apply the darker shade of the eye shadow on your under brows.

* Clearly draw a line around your eyes with the line extending a little from the corner of the eye.

* Brush the eyelashes with mascara and press the tips of the eyelashes slightly down with narrow eyeliner.

For a compassionate look

Compassionate look in your eyes is always a magnet for attracting people to you. Now put forward your gentle feelings through the look in your eyes.

* Outline your eyebrows in long simple arches.

* A light brown tinge to your eyes will give them a compassionate look.

* You can put light cream colors around your eyelid and under brows for a compassionate look.

* Clearly draw a line around your eyes with the line extending a little from the corner of the eye.

* Curl up your eyelashes well upward and curl down the eyelashes in the lower lid with the help of mascara.

For a high spirits look

People who are in high spirits will have a dancing expression in their eyes. Get ready to generate your high spirits to the world through your eyes.

* Outline your eyebrows in shape of a long and complete arch

* For a person in high spirits any eye color will be suitable. Therefore it will be advisable to keep away from contact lenses to have a natural look to your eyes.

* Apply light colored eye shadows on your eyelid and a dark shade of the same color at under brows. Later apply a slightly glittering shade of those colors on crease and the back corner of the lid.

* Slightly give a base color to your eyes with a black or brown eyebrow pencil.

* Apply the eyeliner with a slight upward arch at the upper lid and naturally at lower lid.

* Curl up the eyelashes in the upper lid and curl down the eyelashes in the lower lid with the help of mascara.

* You can place a small silver spot at the corner of your eye for a high-spirited look.

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