Eyebrow Tattooing 2013-Tattoo on Your Eyebrow

Eyebrow Tattooing 2013-Tattoo on Your Eyebrow 2013 picture Permanent tattooing for cosmetic reasons has increased in recent years - as a consequence, there has been an increase of requests for pigment removal due to complications or undesired results.

The Q-switched alexandrite laser has been found useful in removing black exogenous pigment, which is the most popular color in eyebrow enhancement. We report the case of a patient with black-pigment eyebrow cosmetic tattoo after treatment with the Q-switched alexandrite laser. Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattooing is ideal for people who have:

Good Eyebrow Tattooing 2013 trend 1. over plucked the hairs from their eyebrows
2. have gaps or scars and the hair has not grown back
3. for people suffering from Alopecia (loss of hair)
4. or people who want a more definite shape to their eyebrows.

History of Eyebrow tattooing

Eyebrow tattooing became popular in the 1920s along with the pencil thin eyebrow and the advent of the silent film era. Today plastic surgeons, cosmetologists, tattoo artists, aestheticians and nurses practice the art of the "eyebrow cosmetic tattoo". Formerly, eyebrow tattooing was associated with the very vain or fashionable, but today cosmetic tattooing is a common procedure. It is important to realize that eyebrow tattooing has many other kinds of practical applications, particularly for people who are suffering from certain diseases.

Benefits of Cosmetic Eye Liner Tattooing:

Beautiful Jenny Esber 2013 Eyebrow Tattooing - Hassle free eye liner for those with contact lenses.
- Minimal make-up required.
- Great for people who are allergic to make-up.
- No eye liner smearing, especially for oily skin.
- Easily complements daily make-up routine.
- Enhancement of pale and small eyes.
- Dramatic and more defined eyes.
- Assists vision and physically impaired.

Information on Temporary Eyebrow - Body tattoo

All those customers who maybe do not wish to have a tattoo for the rest of their lives, they go for Temporary Eyebrow tattooing because they last for only 4 years. These tattoos, however, can be touched up, redone or replaced by another tattoo anytime.