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You might be wondering, if cosmetics that are supposed to be actually improving my face are spoiling it, is it better to avoid cosmetics altogether? However, I can’t do without cosmetics because I need to get that great look for my office, party or important event.

What do you do in such a situation? Well the fact is, cosmetics can be pretty harmful for your skin and they can aggravate you skin problem because of their chemical-based ingredients. Here are a couple of pointers on what type of cosmetics you can avoid to keep away from those that can harm your skin:

# If you cosmetics label says ‘Parabens’, look for another one, because this ingredient has preservatives that cause allergies and skin rashes. It is used in cosmetic products to increase its shelf life but this factor actually makes it bad for the skin.

# If you see the ingredient ‘Sodium lauryl sulphate’ on the cosmetic, forget it! This can irritate your eye, cause rashes and allergies. It used in the cosmetics to cleanse you face, but it’s the same ingredient that’s also used in foaming washes.

# Many anti-aging creams and moisturizers have an ingredient called ‘Mineral Oil’. This oil actually leads to premature aging of the skin and removes the skin’s natural oils. Over a period of time, the usage of such cosmetics can make your skin dry and chap easily.

# Cosmetics are seen in such beautiful colors now-a-days. The colors we see range from natural ones to rare ones. However, these colors are more than a point of wonder, because something to be noted here is that these shades are made from synthetic colors. Synthetic colors can cause cancer and they are labeled as FD&C or D&C, seen along with a color number. Avoid cosmetics with such ingredients at all costs.

# Be sure to find cleansers that contain natural ingredients. Any cosmetic cleanser which smells nice can actually have benzene derivatives or aldehydes, which can cause headaches and dizziness.

# Talc is yet another ingredient to be avoided through it is widely used in baby powder and make-up. This is because there are strong links to it causing ovarian and it can testicular cancer

# Quarternium -15 causes allergies and it is commonly used as a preservative in cosmetics, skin moisturizers and toiletry items.

If you look at all that’s given above, you will get a pretty dismal picture of cosmetic products and probably think never to use then again. However, not using them can put you into a dilemma. How do you look and feel great, without make-up because you have been using it so much as part of your style and simply can’t do without it?

One alternative is to go in for home-remedies. They do not cause any side effects and can give you skin a natural glow and shine… something no cosmetic will ever be able to do. However, if you want to look glossy just for some special occasion, try out mineral cosmetics because they are a great alternative to chemical-based cosmetics that contain harmful chemicals.
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