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Winter Makeup Tips - Winter Facial Care

Arrival of winter increases the need of moisturizers. It is the time to keep away some of the makeup shades and to invest in few other new products. With increasing number of makeup shades, selection of makeup shades based on season can be confusing.

A pale face, chapped lips, dry skin and other problems arise by mid-winter. All these makes using makeup a harder one. Using the makeup in the right way in winter enhances elegance and beauty of women. Here are some valuable tips for women on how to use makeup in winter.

Foundation: Sun protection creams can be used as the foundations even in winter. It is a must to use sun protection creams to avoid sun burn from UV rays. Foundation shades can be one or two shades lighter than the shades used during other seasons of the year. A light foundation blends well with moisturizers and perfect for any skin type. Make sure to use foundations that are extra- moisturizing with ingredients as glycerin and a matte finish. If you are particular about powder(for women with oily skin), use the same shade as that of foundation.

Concealer: Concealer can hide up the imperfections adding life to pale face in the best form in winter. Use a water proof matte finish concealer. Apply it with a brush to cover up the dark circles around the eyes or any other blemishes. Tap away any extra concealer from the brush to avoid heavy make up. In winter, concealer shade must be two shades darker than the foundation.

Blush: Blush must blend with the foundation shades. Bronze shades boost the makeup and are perfect for winter. It is best to avoid pink shades to avoid excessive pinkish appearance of the face.

Eye makeup: Smoky eyes look best in winter. Black eye liners with dark brown mascara can be a perfect choice. Make sure to use water proof makeup to avoid smudging. Eye shadows can be grey or brown to get highlighted in the dim light of winter.

Lip balm: Hydrating lip balm is a must to avoid scaly chapped lips. Use extra moisturizing lip balms. Use natural flavors of chapstick often to avoid dry chapped lip due to low temperature and dry air. Brands do not matter, but continual application is a must for softer lips.

Lipstick: Avoid the glossy lipsticks and use one with a matte texture. Pale shades of lipsticks are better to complement with smoky eye makeup. Try to experiment with shades that do not over emphasize the lips above the eyes. Eyes have a prominent look during winter and so avoid even lip gloss.

Facial care with moisturizers, cleansing and toning is essential in winter. Just makeup alone may not bring out the magic of beauty in you!

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