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Fuller lips Fuller lips are in; everyone wants to be like their favorite actress from Hollywood. Who does not want to have full lips like Angelina Jolie? However what do you do when you can not afford to pay the big bucks that these actresses pay for their lips to look like a bee stung them? This article is going to provide you with some solutions for fuller lips that you can do from the comfort of your home without using any injections or plastic surgeries.

The thing we must all understand about how our lips work; they tend to become thinner as you become older. This occurs as the collagen production slows down which causes the lips to lose some of their volume. The result you get from that process is thinner less shapely lips.

If you are looking for a way to create the illusion of fuller lips by using makeup you can easily do that with a lip pencil. Choose a lip pencil that is close to your natural color as possible. Carefully line the lips with the lip pencil drawing the outside the natural line of your lips. Make sure the tip of the pencil is sharp to give the appearance of fuller lips. Stay on the outside natural lip lip; you do not want to draw too far outside of your natural lines; or else it can make you look like you have clown makeup on.

Jessica Alba When you have acquired the line that you are happy with by bringing out the natural lines around your lips; you can apply a shiny, high gloss lip color in a shade that is similar to your natural lip color. Avoid using a dark shade of color; as it can make your lips appear smaller. Using a high gloss will help your lips look bigger.

There are several more solutions for fuller lips; to help them appear healthier and fuller at the same time are lip enhancement creams, glosses, or gels. These work by slightly irritating the outer layer of the lips; which causes them to swell and appear fuller. The effects of these products are short term and you will most likely have to keep reapplying the products every hour or so.

Some cosmeticians and dermatologists recommend alpha hydroxy acids for lip care as they may enhance collagen production, which can help result in the fuller lips that you are seeking.

full lips women Every women is looking for something that will help them feel beautiful again; are you looking for something that will make you feel sexy? You can get your full lips back even if you have been trying to for several months. There are all kinds of products on todays market; however I recommend you find something that using natural products to avoid any side effects. If you found these tips useful and are desperately seeking solutions for fuller lips; visit our website below it is filled with natural ways to enhance the look of your lips and will help you feel more confident about yourself.

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