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Eye Makeup Colors And Techniques Explained

sexy eyes makeup
The eyes are the windows of the soul, so the old adage says. To let people know that you have an ultra cool personality beneath that unassuming façade, emphasize the shape and color of your eyes using eyeliner and eye shadow. Although it comes in different colors, black eyeliner remains the favorite because it provides dramatic effect and can be used during the day and at night. There are so many colors of eye shadow that it can get confusing to choose which one best suits you. It all depends on the occasion and the result you want. Of course, the colors you put on will not be noticed or appreciated if they'd be blocked from view. It is imperative that you shave or pluck your eyebrows into a shape that emphasizes your eyes. To do all this perfectly, learn a few tried and tested eye makeup techniques.

Eyeliner is considered a staple in any woman's makeup kit. It provides versatile use: it dresses up the eyelid area, accentuates the eyebrows, can double as a lip liner, and can even be used to draw you a false mole, which is still deemed as a fashion statement. Eye shadow usually comes in pinks and browns. Thanks to the evolution in cosmetics, there are now hundreds of colors to choose from, each promising a different effect. There are no rules when it comes to picking out eye shadow, although natural colors are deemed to go well with the summer season and dark colors are appropriate for night events. With eyeliner in hand and a variety of eye shadow hues, you can do all sorts of wonderful things to your eyes.

The latest looks in eye makeup experiment in color and texture. With the right combinations, you can achieve a sexy or eye candy look.

To achieve a sexy look with the aid of eye makeup, creamy metallics are the way to go. Using metallic colors immediately brings to mind images of the goddesses in Greek and Roman mythology or of Cleopatra, the sensual Queen of Egypt. Choose an eyelid sparkler in soft, metallic cream and dab a smidgen of it on your lids. Then sweep a pressed powder eye shadow in metallic copper also on your lids to add a dark, sexy glaze. Use a clear mascara to lengthen your lashes. You want to keep the attention to your eyes, so a touch of champagne gold lipstick will be enough to complete the look.

Whether it's summer or fall, it's always a nice surprise to have playful colors on your eyes. You can achieve the eye candy look by creating a rainbow of colors using pink and coral blush and yellow eye shadow. After sweeping coral blush on your cheekbones, brush a pressed powder yellow eye shadow from the outer half of your cheekbones up to your temples. Then put a dark purple eye shadow on the lower part of your eyelids, and a light pink eye shadow on the upper part.

With these simple yet stylish eye makeup techniques, your eyes are sure to get the attention they deserve.

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