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Sexy Summer Eye Makeup

Sexy Summer Eye Makeup
Sexy, appealing eyes are nothing new to women. We have known for thousands of years how to attract and allure using the power of our eyes. Just look at the ancient Egyptians. Cleopatra certainly knew what she was doing using kohl to dramatically line her eyes.

Sexy eyes are not about shockingly bright colors; rather sexy eyes are about creating the perfect almond shaped eye. Women in the early 1900s knew that large, almond shaped eyes were appealing. Once again, we come full circle to the Egyptians and their heavily lined almond shape.

So how do we achieve a sexy eye without looking like a raccoon or a Halloween character?

sexy girl with hot green eyes

How to Apply Sexy Eye Makeup

1. Begin applying sexy eye makeup with a clean and moisturized face. It is important for the makeup to not mix with oils and dirt from the skin. This could make the makeup look messy and just plain bad.

2. Keep the colors neutral when applying sexy eye makeup. Choose pallets in brown, charcoal, black, or gray. Bright colors may make the eyes appear smaller. Choose a vanilla tone to highlight. Vanilla works well on most women. White can be harsh for this effect.

3. Eyeliner will create the illusion of bigger, more seductive eyes. Eyeliner can also help to correct eye shape giving the eyes the desired almond shape which is characteristic of sexy eyes. Begin by lining the top lash line from the inner corner and extending the line slightly past the edge. Use a soft pencil or powder so that the line is not harsh. Harsh lines might make you look angry, not sexy. You can go over the line using an angled brush to create a smoother finish and fan out the edges so that the line is not too harsh.

sexy girl with hot smoke< eyes 4. Line the bottom outer third of the lower lid keeping close to the lash line and extend slightly past the edge.

5. Remember that we are going for an almond shape. Judge the line to see that it creates the shape of an almond. You may need to make the line thicker depending upon the shape of your eye. A perfectly shaped eye will immediately give the illusion of sexiness. If you look at fashion models in magazines, even the minimalist has carefully shaped the eye for an almond look.

6. For sexy eyes, we are going to open up the eyes to make them appear larger; therefore, we must gradually increase the color as we move toward the brow. Begin with dark shadow. If you line the eyes with brown, choose chocolate shadow. Apply color to the mobile eye making sure that the color intensity is darkest close to the lashes and outer third of the eye to create the desired almond shape of a sexy eye. The intensity should decrease as you move towards the crease.

7. Check for the desired shape and that the color intensity is equal on both eyes.

8. Apply shadow to the lower lid sweeping it towards the outer corner. Be sure to keep the intensity light or you may look like a raccoon. You can always increase the intensity if you desire. Concentration should b on the outer third.

9. Fill in the inner corner of the eye and above the brow bone using vanilla to highlight and open the eyes. This will make the eyes appear even larger and finish the sexy eye makeup.

10. Curl the lashes to further open the eyes and apply mascara to both top and bottom. Fan the lashes when applying the mascara to make the eyes appear sexy and large. Concentrate more mascara on the outer third of the lashes.

womens eyes make up

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