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Beyonce Makeup Style - How to Get Makeup Looks Like Beyonce

Here is how the final look for Beyonce and the “Single Ladies” dancers at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) was created:

First foundation was applied to the face and highlighted with shimmer and translucent powder. Cheekbones were contoured with a cool brownish/gray shadow. When you are on T.V., this really helps to accentuate a person’s best features.

After this step was complete we used MAC “Woodwinked” eye shadow on the lid and even in the inner corner of the eye to give the eye a reflective effect on stage. We then took a black kohl eyeliner and rimmed the entire eye. On the top of the eyelid we extended the liner, giving a cat-eye concept.

We took a white latex cheese wedge shaped sponge with some eye makeup remover and removed makeup from the outer corners of the eye, giving the eye a defined angle. To top the look off, we finished with MAC Sappilicous gloss, which is a neutral brown. The girls all loved their looks and they coordinated perfectly with their sparkly leotards on stage!

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