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Holiday Makeup Trends

Getting ready for a holiday party can be as easy as darkening up daytime colors for a more dramatic look (Vassen). But for some, the spirit of the holiday season allows freedom of cosmetic expression and might involve some glitter. For those looking for a new way to stay current this season, and still look fabulous, here are some tips and ideas from the experts.

The Holiday Look

This season, two classic looks are the favorites, and it's all about balance. Choose either a smoky, shimmery eye with a muted lip or a bold pair of lips with a softer eye (Derrick). Remember though, "never play up both the eyes and the mouth" (Derrick) as this can make cosmetic application look like part of a Halloween costume.

Light tinted moisturizers, well blended and nearly invisible, are also in this season, with the focus on either eyes or lips. Shimmer is still a holiday favorite, and can be added in several ways:

* Dusting shimmer to the corners of the eyes and cheek bones.

* Applying a shimmery lipstick or gloss.

* Using a glitter mascara or eyeliner.

* Blending liquid shimmer into foundation.

* Buying a shimmer stick to roll-on the cheeks, etc.

But don't overdo it. A hint of shimmer is the best look to aim for, so don't try to apply more than one shimmer product to the face in any one look.

Adding Color to the Pallette

Some women would prefer to try out new colors and trends during the holidays, rather than sticking to their old routine. This holiday season, some classic colors are still in:

* Christmas Red: Adding a dramatic, bold red to the lips shows confidence and draws attention to the mouth. Plus, a true red lipstick can brighten the teeth instantly (Vassen).

* Holiday Gold: For real glamour, add gold to the eyes, fingernails, and even foundation (Vassen). Citrus, bronze and copper tinted eyeshadows blended with traditional colors are fun and festive. Mixing liquid gold shimmer with a liquid foundation gives the skin a warm, healthy glow.

* Ever Greens: For adventurous cosmeticians, adding a touch of green to the eyes can truly make them pop. Green eyeliners (or dark shadows applied as an eyeliner), especially when combined with gold tones, will accentuate the eye dramatically. Pair this look with a little black dress for a muted, festive look.

Long-Lasting Wear

To make the holiday look last all party long, prep before and be prepared. Use a primer beneath foundation or tinted moisturizer and on the lips and eyes, so color lasts. Always set the look with powder (loose or pressed is fine) to help it stay on (Vassen). For items like mascara, liner, and lipstick, applying a second coat goes a long way.

At the party, be sure to bring oil-blotting sheets to absorb sweat and oil from the face (Derrick). These should be used instead of powder, which can cake if over-applied. Oil-blotting sheets do not remove makeup, so they're safe to use all night long.

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