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Fall 2013 Makeup Trends - No-Eyebrows Look


Eyebrows are so last season! Here's a fall 2013 makeup trend everyone's talking about: the 'no-eyebrows' look.Fashion certainly has its way of breaking many of the rules we are so used to.

Clothes, attitude, accessories, shoes, makeup and fashion is all about revolution.That's the case of the latest trend in fashion when it comes to makeup, as it seems that for fall 2013, eyebrows are no longer trendy. No, my ladies, the new trend involves a 'no eyebrows' makeup look.

The Givenchy advertising campaign for fall shot by Mert & Marcus feature models without eyebrows, looking just like some plastic, artificial mannequins.

Back in history, the 'no eyebrows' look was very fashionable when Queen Elizabeth made her public appearances. David Bowie, model Steven Meisel, Jane Forth (back in the '70s, at Andy Warhol's factory), Chloe Sevigny - all these people, public figures, important ones, trendsetters, they all appeared in public without their eyebrows.

Experts in fashion industry feel that this 'no eyebrows' look is a great change.

"Everything is possible right now, and that's a great way to look at this moment," said Ms. Brown from Vogue. "I don't know how great it would look at work or at your parents' house for dinner. Maybe just lighten your brows, bleach them a little bit."

Makeup artist Pat McGrath who created a no-eyebrow look at the Balenciaga and Prada fall 2013 RTW shows said, "No brows has been a beauty option since the beginning of time."

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