Top Eye Makeup Trends 2013

SEXY EYE MAKEUP 2013 Updating your eye makeup collection - trying new shades of eyeshadow, adding some drama with lash-plumping mascara or even applying eyeliner differently to create a smokey effect - is a great way to capture some of the season's latest trends. 2013 makeup trends call for futuristic looks and Old Hollywood-inspired glam.

EYELASH EXTENSIONS 2013 Ready to give your eye makeup collection a seasonal makeover? Here are some of the leading trends for eye makeup 2013

Eye Makeup Trend for 2013: Dramatic Pastels

Pastel blues, greens and pinks come alive this Fall thanks to complementary silver and gold metallics for the eyes. It's the season to try your hand at a futuristic look by pairing up brighter colors against a neutral eyeshadow base. Dress it up with some glittery eyeshadow for a fashion forward look this season.


Fall 2013 Makeup Trend: Thick Brows

Frame your upper face and eyes with super-thick brows, a dramatic change from the finer, over-tweezed brows of seasons past. Thick brows can be achieved with a light dusting of brow powder and setting gel, so make sure you sculpt and tweeze only a few hairs to achieve the look.


Eye Makeup Trend for 2013: Shimmering Gold

Add a touch of gold to the eyelids and lower brow can turn your basic look into one with a glamorous edge. Gold-based eyeshadow is a great way to brighten up brown and hazel-colored eyes, but can also warm up other eye colors and different skin tones.


2013 Makeup Trend: Crisp and Chic Eyeliner

Unless you're trying to create the smoky eye look this season, aim for super-thin lines when applying eyeliner. Asian-inspired eyeliner is one of the top beauty trends for the season, and you can create that Geisha look with a Kajal pencil, dark brown or navy liner.