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2019 Hairstyle Trends



The Perfect Hair Style For Summer 2014

HOT HAIRSTYLE TRENDS FOR 2014 Short Sedu Hairstyles

So you've decided on short hair for the long summer months and are now wondering if you too can sport the fabulous sedu hairstyles that everyone is raving about. Well plain and simply the answer is yes. You too can have celebrity sedu hairstyles no matter what the length of your hair. The short sedu hair style is just as popular for the coming summer months as sedu hairstyles for longer hair and what's more with a short sedu hair style you can achieve your chosen style in half the time.

sexy sedu hairstyle Very short haired folks can also take advantage of this trend. Carve fun patterns into the sides of the hair. Or go more extreme with a version like I recently saw Ed Robertson from the Barenaked Ladies sporting. Part shaved, part everyday guys short haircut. It looked to me like he had to bolt from the barber's chair halfway through his buzz, but it's all in the eye of the beholder, I suppose.

Mohawks and Faux-Hawks - A hot trend for both guys and gals, the mohawk will be settlin' in for a good spell. This look is immensely versatile, possible to mimic on any hair length. If your hair is short, use a wax or gel and simply direct it forward and up in the center. For a temporary mohawk on longer lengths, back comb a rectangular section from your front hairline to your crown. Slick the sides down close to your head, either behind the ears or secure these sections straight back and underneath the back sections. Instant today...gone tomorrow!

A tad more commitment is required to achieve an authentic mohawk look. You'll need to have your stylist trim up the sides and back/sides, leaving a "peak" of length down the center of the head (obviously), otherwise, it'll be difficult to create the classic mohawk shape.

Make a trend your own by incorporating elements from one or two of the above influences. Keep your hair type, face shape, and lifestyle in mind when choosing a new hair style. Just because a mohawk is in style doesn't mean you're an automatic candidate to sport one. If you have a long or diamond shaped face, a full-on mohawk would be a disaster. (Unless you're going for the "pointy head" look, which is doubtful.)

To achieve the best look when it comes to your short sedu hair style the first thing you will need to do is purchase a sedu hair straightening iron. This is the revolutionary new hair iron that is creating sedu hairstyles and it's so much easier to use than other hair irons and there is a much smaller risk of hair damage.

A short sedu hair style is all about adding volume and texture to your hair whilst still maintaining an elegant and stylish look. The principles of creating these sedu hairstyles are the same as for all sedu hairstyles including those used to create celebrity sedu hairstyles. We don't all have the money for personal stylists and with the sedu hair iron there is no need because you can create celebrity sedu hairstyles from the comfort of your own home.

The most popular sedu hairstyles method that is applied when creating a short sedu hair style is the flick method. This involves using your sedu hair straightening iron to style your hair and then using it again to flick out the ends and sides of your hair to create a chic and elegant style that can be modified for any occasion. Using this technique for creating your sedu hairstyles will also help you to add more volume to your short sedu hair style.

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