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Summer Hair Care Tips

Sun does a lot of damage to your hair and some of it may be irreparable. Take care of your hair by following these tips and save them from sun damage this summer.

1. Use SPF Shampoos to protect your hair from the sun. Direct sunlight will damage your hair. In addition, use sunscreen products made for hair.

2. Wear hats to protect your hair from direct sunlight. Trendy sun hats and scarves are available on all leading stores so that you donít need to sacrifice fashion.

3. If you regularly blow dry or curl your hair, try to give your hair a relaxing break during summer time. Let them dry regularly and use natural methods like braiding to achieve curls.

4. Go for deep conditioning treatments as much as possible to prevent hair from getting dry and frizzy. Use leave in conditioners when out in the sun.

5. Do an 'at home' hot towel treatment. Massage warm oil into your hair at night and sleep through the night with it. In the morning, dampen a clean towel in hot water and wrap over your head. Continue 4 or 5 times.

6. Choose hairstyles that hide away your frizzy hair from the heat. Try buns, braids or at least ponytails to keep hair ends safe inside. Letting air loose will end up making them more dry and brittle.

Prevention of sun damage is the best way to take care of your hair during summer. If for any reason your hair does get damaged, start your damage repair work after summer is over by following healthy hair habits and diets.

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