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Short Curly Hairstyles 2014

sexy short curly hairstyles 2014 short curly hairstyles short curly hair
A quick phone call and suddenly you're getting ready for a hot date or night out on the town? Don't let your short hairstyle get you down or make you feel like you've got the world's most boring cut. Go with some curls and get funky! You'll be amazed at how much they can transform your hair, look, and attitude.

Gone are the tight curls of yesteryear that have you looking like a poodle. With the gentler perms of today, women can enjoy fantastic shiny curly hair style without the frizz. There's nothing more elegant and glamorous than a short curly hairstyle. Although modern looking, short curly hairstyles have been popular for a long time.

Remember Marilyn Monroe? A celebrity of the 50ís, she was as well known for her short, curly, blonde locks as she was her movies. Many women since have tried to emulate Marilynís short curly hairstyle. Now it can be your turn to look just as gorgeous. It's easier than you think.

If you're already blessed with naturally curly hair then forget the curling iron and go natural. Simply shampoo and condition your hair and then individually wrap each curl with a gelled finger for definition. You may decide to get the bottom part of hair on your head shaved.

For the rest of us, you'll need to use a good curling iron with thermal protection to keep from burning your hair. Comb your hair so there are not any knots - make it as smoot as possible for best results. Get as close to your head as possible and curl only small amounts of hair at a time. It should take about 5-10 seconds to curl each section. Let the curling iron leave the curl and permit the curling iron to cool down without touching. This will let the curl set. Go to the next section of hair. Make sure the ends of locks are in the curling iron before closing the iron. When the curls are cooled down, loosen with fingers and spray lightly with your favorite hairspray.

Whether your curly locks are natural or accomplished through modern means, have fun and experiment. There are a few good websites or software programs that will let you upload a digital picture of yourself and then try on many short curly "virtual hairstyles" til you find the perfect one. Give them a try, that's exactly what the top stylists in the major cities do.

Have fun and most of all, enjoy that hot date or night out on the town!

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Mariah Carey

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