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Hair Coloring Forecasts

Expert beauty consultants predict that the trend in hair colors is moving away from dramatic color and back towards more natural colors and highlighting techniques. Yet, not everyone wants to blend into the crowd. Make your personality your first consideration in choosing a hair color or hair coloring technique that’s a perfect fit for you.

- Are you sweet or saucy?
- Do you like to stay “in style” with the season or are you a rebel?
- Are you after the avant-garde or do you prefer traditional hair colors and techniques?
- Are you comfortable in the spotlight or would you rather sit in the audience?
- What hair color or technique really catches your eye and do you want to be caught up in it?

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Sweet and Saucy

Highlight straight dark hair with a top layer of light-colored curls or curls in untraditional colors. Reverse the colors for a bolder, saucier look.

Seasonal Hair Color Changes

Fall and spring seem to be the most frequent times for hair color changes. In the autumn, we often make a change in hair color or style to forestall the winter doldrums. Then, the very freshness of spring encourages us to recreate a new image for ourselves. Orange Blonde Hair look

Although we like to blame the sun for fading hair colors, as well as summer sun-fade, hard water and harsh hair care products can dull hair color over fall and winter. Spring is a great time to highlight hair with low-lights. Low-lights darken sections of your hair and make natural hair highlights sparkle in the summer sun.

Keeping Hair Color in Character

In the movie Steel Magnolias, Sally Fields remarks that her hair looks like a football helmet. If you’re wearing a helmet, put some kick into your simple do with hair color spice that compliments your skin tone and brings out the best in your facial features.

hair coloring techniques Foiling with three or four tones adds dimension to simple hairstyles. Blend a rich color like eggplant, burgundy, or bright red with lighter hair coloring highlights to effect a dramatic change without being overly emotive.

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Hair Color in the Spotlight

One-tone hair colors are making a comeback. When you want to make a striking change, consider coloring your hair jet black, going platinum, becoming a real redhead, or really going for the gold, bronze, silver, blue etc.

emo layered hairstyles for medium length hair If you’re not ready to plunge whole head into color, add a flash of color up front with bold colored bangs or make your personal color statement with just a tone or two to give your hair a hint of extraordinary color. Deeper colors add sizzle to dark hair and blonde colors, from ash to honey, add fire to lighter colored hair.

Whatever hair color trends catch your eye, the diversity in modern hair colors and hair coloring techniques leave you with plenty of hair color ideas to shape your hairstyle and your image.