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Combination Hair Styles for Different Hair Types

Lana Del Rey Hairstyles There are many different types of hair. There are thick types and there are fine types of hair. There are curly ones and straight-falling ones. Some hair types are more prone to the accumulation of sebum (the natural oils that our skin secretes) than others, while some hair types are just naturally dry. There are various ways of taking care of hair according to its various types.

But what if your hair happens to be a combination type of hair? What if your hair is very oily near the scalp but has the tendency to be dry to the point of brittleness as the strands reach the ends? How do you take care of hair like that?

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to care for the combination type of hair. With the appropriate use of the right products, you can prevent damage to your hair, protect it, keep it healthy and even enhance its beauty. So how do you effectively care for the combination type of hair?

Mandy Moore 2014 Modern Short Sexy Hairstyle It all starts with the proper washing of the hair. In shampooing, never use hot water to wet your hair. Hair strands are susceptible to extreme heat and hot water will only damage it. Instead, just use lukewarm water.

Be choosy with the products that you use for your hair. If you have the combination type hair, avoid using shampoos formulated for oily hair. It might worsen the condition of the dry tips of your locks. Instead, opt for shampoos specially made for normal hair.

Do not use too much shampoo to wash your hair. Just a dollop the size of a quarter will do. Apply the shampoo directly on the scalp and just let the suds flow to the ends of your hair. Never apply the shampoo directly to the tips because the shampoo will wash off the oil that your hair tips need so much. If you must, just scoop some suds from the top of your head and use it to wash your hair’s tips. Never overclean your hair’s ends and be careful in handling them. Rinse the shampoo off carefully and thoroughly until it is not slippery any longer.

Black Short Curly Hairstyle After shampooing the hair, apply a rinse-off conditioner. Just as you should never apply shampoo directly to the tips of your hair, you should never apply conditioner directly to your scalp either. The moisturizing agents in the conditioner will cause the scalp to produce too much oil. Instead, concentrate the application of the conditioner to the tips of your hair strands, and then rinse your hair thoroughly, this time with cold water to lock in the moisture and to discourage your hair from secreting too much oil.

For added TLC for your combination type hair, indulge in deep conditioning treatment once a week. Apply moisturizing conditioner to the dry parts of your hair, wrap it with a towel and let it be for a couple of hours before washing it off completely. You can substitute olive oil for commercial conditioner if you wish. Also, make it a habit to have your hair trimmed once every two months to get rid of your hair’s brittle ends.

The combination type of hair need not be a hair care nightmare. All it needs to keep healthy and beautiful is the know-how for its proper care.