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Short Curly Hairstyles 2014

If you crave curls, and the sassy look that they give then perhaps a short and sassy curly hairstyle if just right for you. It's true that the way that you wear your hair is what will define who you are, and that goes for whether you are wearing your hair long or short, but when you wear a short curly hairstyle you must keep in mind that you are limiting the amount of options that you have for wearing your hair. If your hair is long you can wear it up or down, in a wrap or in a bun, but when you have curly short hair your hair is that, short and curly. Are you bold enough to wear it that way?

short curly hairstyle 2014 Taking care of short curly hairstyles is more than just washing it and then running a pick through your hair, although in a pinch you can do just that. (I like to call it wash and go hair) You need to choose the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair, not only to match the style but to match your particular hair type. Using the right products will help you to keep your hair shiny and healthy and to reduce frizz that can happen with the shorter hair styles. You can also use a curl enhancer to keep your curls cute and tight. Just make sure that you buy higher end products so that you know that you are treating your hair the best that you can.

So if you have the hair, and the personality to match, why not try a short and curly hairstyle, it's a bold move for some and a natural choice for others.

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