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Winter Hairstyles for 2014

Hairstyles for winter 2014 are all about accentuation. No longer is a haircut just a haircut. Our heads are the best way to express our personalities, as well as accessorise with our outfits.

Braids are back in. No longer only for the little ones, braids can come in all shapes and sizes. The classic French braid is back with a twist, now it comes to the side to have the tail rest in the front. Little braids can accentuate many styles. Braiding the front section back and pulling the rest into a ponytail is one of my personal favorites. Little braids can be scattered through out the hair when it is down. Using braids as headbands is also a very trendy twist on two classic styles. The best part about this fun new and improved trend is that it is for everybody! Long hair, short hair, medium length, all can do a braid of some sort.

Braids can also be used to achieve a Bohemian look. The Bohemian style, with a hint of hippie chic is very in right now. This style consists of long, long hair parted down the center. The locks can be pin straight or wavy and flowing. Achieving this style takes patience, or some good extensions, but is worth it to complete the laid-back style of the Bohemian look. Stars like Nichole Richie, Lindsey Lohan and Vanessa Hudgens are fans of this trendy style.

Thanks to celebrities like Victoria "Posh" Beckham and Katie Holmes, short and sassy is back in style. Keep in mind that these cuts are not anything like the "soccer mom" cut, a style that is cut for convenience and the low level of maintenance it requires. These bobs are severe and require attention to detail to achieve the sophisticated end result. These cuts are for the daring, and when done right, are very sharp and demand others to pay attention.

To all of those who are missing the days of teased hair, there is no need to anymore. Volume is back! This time around though, we are being much kinder to our hair. Just a little teasing and then smoothing the whole thing out, to achieve the fun, yet polished result. The height of the teasing is not nearly as high as it was, just enough to notice. This can be done with the hair down, pulled half-up, or a ponytail. It is also very popular to tease the front section of the hair into a mini pouf.

2013 has been a fun year for women and their hairstyles. All of these styles can stand alone, or can be combined. The options are endless, which makes for many unique and inspiring looks.

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