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Sedu Flat Iron Popular Hairstyles

Sedu flat iron is the most common hair care tool among young women in north America. But do they use it properly? Do they design their dream like hairstyle ? Do they reveal the wonders of sedu hairstyles? Let us reveal some of them

1. Sleek flip This hairstyle can suite any young energetic women as well as serious business women. Using the sedu flat iron you can achieve a sleek flip hairstyle easily leaving your hair smooth and straight with a flip at the ends, adding a young look to your hair.

To design this hair style follow these steps : First, use a styling mousse from the hair roots to its ends. Than, brush your hair while blow drying your hair. Finally, comb your hair away from your face and use a sedu flat iron to get the flip at the ends.

2. Casual chic This quickie hairstyle, allows you to show off your face. This clean beautiful hairstyle can be very impressive if designed properly with the sedu flat iron.

To design this hair style follow these steps : After you clean and wet your hair, put some styling gel from your hair roots to its ends. Then, Blow dry your hair until it is completely dry. Then, straighten your hair using sedu flat iron parting it down its center. Finally, use a brush and create a pony tail and design the hair close to your face with your hands or brush. It is recommended to use some spray to keep the hair in its formation.

3. Messy Twist This hairstyle is the most common one among young business women. It is also very easy to design.

To design this hair style follow these steps : After you clean and wet your hair, put a small portion of styling mousse on it. Then use the sedu flat iron to straighten your hair (after drying it completely of course). Then, pull the side section of your hair nearest to face toward the mirror. Make a twist of the back section of your hair and secure it with pins. Then, pull the side sections of your shoulders and create a mini twist. Attach it to the back twist and secure it with pins. Use a comb to tug out three hair sections near the top sides of the hair

Use theses guide lines to make the most of your sedu flat iron. Remember, these little things make the difference.

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