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Hair Pieces-How to Make Sure You are Getting the Right Color

Hair Pieces-How to Make Sure You are Getting the Right Color When buying a hair piece online, one of the biggest variables involved is choosing the right color. There are many different colors, from black to white and everything in between, and making sure you get the right color is very important regardless of whether youíre buying custom hair or a stock hair piece.

The first thing thatís important to know is that every hair color is associated with a number. For example, a hair piece with jet black hair would be considered a color #1 by most hair piece providers, while a light blonde menís hair piece would be more like a color #23. If you already know what number is associated with your hair color Ė great! If not, itís ok. It actually doesnít matter that much because every hair piece manufacturer has a different color ring, so your color #23 may look great from one company, and may be way off with a different company.

When youíre actually ready to order a hair piece online, youíll probably see a whole swatch of different colored hair pieces on various hair replacement websites. This is great for reference, but can cause you real trouble if you arenít careful. The problem with trying to gauge color on the web is that everyoneís monitor displays color differently and the shading in the room where the pictures were taken could significantly alter the appearance of the color once they make it to the web. Also, never try to print out color samples and match them to your own hair color. There is a myriad of reasons why this isnít a good idea.

So how do you make sure youíre going to get the right hair piece color? Easy. There are usually two sure fire ways to find a dead match for your hair color.

The first is to send a hair sample to your hair replacement company and have them compare your hair directly with their inventory to find the perfect match. Now not every hair replacement company will be willing to do this for you, but common sense suggests that if any company is unwilling to match your hair sample free of charge and obligation, they are probably not worth doing business with anyway. Taking a sample of your hair is very non-intrusive, and will not have any negative effect on your appearance. You only need to snip a small amount of hair in order to generate a very accurate color match. This is by far, the best way to be absolutely sure youíre getting the right color for your hair piece, and essential when ordering custom hair.

The second way to get an accurate color match is to request a color ring from your hair replacement company. Every company has them, and the swatch will usually feature all the colors available for hair pieces, including gray percentages. Usually your hair piece provider should either send you the color swatch for free, or ask you to pay a small deposit. You should never be compelled to purchase a color swatch, as you really have no practical use for it once youíve successfully matched your color.

Making sure you purchase the right color hair piece can be tricky, but by following the simple steps above, youíll be sure to get an accurate match every time.

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