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Prevention and Treatment Tips For Baldness and Hair Loss

Baldness is a condition in which loss of hair occurs either partially or completely over the head. In medical terms it is referred as "Alopecia". Men are more prone to this problem compared to women. Baldness mainly occurs in mid-age. There are various types of baldness among which "Androgenic Alopecia" (Male-pattern baldness) is the most common one.

Baldness is caused due to various factors. The most common causes include hormonal changes, genetic factors, stress, depression etc. Certain type of medications used for treating Hypertension, cardiac related problems and birth control pills may also cause Hair loss. Other causes include malnutrition, skin diseases (ringworm), usage of chemicals etc.

How to Prevent Baldness:

Baldness can be prevented by avoiding over-exposure to sun, avoiding close contact of Hair Dryers to the Hair follicles, avoiding usage of hair gels or creams deeper into the follicles. After swimming, it is advisable to wash your hair with a shampoo to remove chlorine as it may damage the hair scalp. Eating nutritional diets will also help in preventing it.

Treating Baldness:

It has to be understood that there is no cure for Baldness, but medications and treatments are available to slow down the hair loss rate or to grow new hairs. Treatment may differ from one individual to other depending upon their body condition and severity of baldness.

Medications such as finasteride (not approved for women), minoxidil, Cortisone (Injection), Anthralin (cream or ointment) are very effective in treating Hair Loss or Baldness. Usage of these medications may have side-effects.

On top of these medications, baldness can also be treated by surgery on scalp and Hair Transplantation. Laser therapy and hair transplantation are also found to be effective in treating baldness in the recent times. These types of treatments will be expensive compared to the medications. One has to consult a Dermatologist for a proper and effective treatment for Baldness.

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