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2019 Hot Oil Treatments for Your Hair

I remember when using a hot oil treatment was considered the "deep conditioner" that was supposedly the miracle remedy for dry or damaged hair. Many brands were advertised and home-made recipes were passed around between friends. Well, after my sister went to beauty school years ago, I found out the truth. Hot oil does not condition your hair. Sure, hot oil treatments have their benefits. They feel nice and warm on your head, your hair will be temporarily shiny and....well, that's about it.

Why hot oil treatments don't work

Without getting too much into the science of it all, let's just say hot oil can't get "into" your hair. The molecular structure is just too big to penetrate the hair shaft so it sits there on top. It will coat the cuticle of the hair shaft and that is what makes it reflect light and become shiny (until it's washed) but as far as conditioning? Nope, not gonna happen on Caucasian hair. That brings me to another point...

Hot oil treatments can help black or ethnic hair. This type of hair needs oils to maintain control and sheen. Also, unlike Caucasian hair, it is rarely washed daily so the benefits of shine and control are maintained longer. Still, it cannot penetrate and will not help the damage. Ethnic hair will do better using it as a styling aid rather than a conditioner.

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