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Homemade Hair Care Tips 2019

Hair forms an essential part of our personality and adds to the visual appeal of the person. Not each one of us are lucky enough to flaunt their shiny locks as the harmful elements in the environment like heat, dust, pollution leaves them fragile and dry due to excessive exposure in the course of time. This is why there arises a need for proper hair care to ensure that your hair does not lose their natural shine. Though the market has hair care products like conditioner and shampoos in abundance, but excessive use of these chemical-based products can lead to dry hair. Herbal remedies and a few precautions in everyday life therefore work best when it comes to hair care methods.

Apart from the healthy and balanced diet, drinking loads of water also hydrates the hair follicles and prevents dull and dry hair. A good sound sleep ensures that the hair damage is repaired, so slumber is something that should not be compromised on, no matter how busy you may be. Sleeping on a satin pillowcase would be a good idea as it will prevent rubbing of hair while sleeping and will keep a check on fly away hair. In case you often use hair dryer, curling iron or straightener over your normal hair, it can take away moisture from hair, making them thin and dry. An application of a product for protection from heat is the best bet in the matter for healthy hair.

Besides, there are also several common problems associated with hair such as hair loss, dandruff, oily hair and many others. Initiating with dandruff, it is a common yet an embarrassing condition that causes the dry flakes to fall from hair.

The best homemade method to treat dandruff is to put a few vinegar tablespoons in water, rub it against the scalp at night the day before and cover it with towel and wash it the next day. Excess of dandruff may also cause hair loss at times, though there are many other reasons that cause hair loss. A drink which is an amalgamation of yoghurt, low-fat milk, honey and bananas can prove to be an effective cure for hair loss. Averting stress and taking enough sleep can also contribute a great deal in the matter. Massaging and shampooing the head by inverting the head increases blood circulation which can also be helpful for regrowth of hair.

For those who have greasy or oily hair, using a mild ph-balanced shampoo would be the best deal. Also, the diet should have the minimum intake of oily foods and maximum of vegetables. So, there are various ways in which you can make sure that your hair remains healthy and shiny throughout. Not to forget, intake of drugs and alcohol are not only bad for the overall health of an individual, but also adversely affects the growth and condition of your hair. An individual therefore has to take a decision and set his priorities and see what he wants - pleasure or shiny and normal hair?

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