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An average healthy person with male pattern baldness has about 100,000 hairs in all. About 25 per cent hair are present in permanent donor area. This area is the best and the only source of hair that's available for hair transplant surgery. The number of donor hair available depends on the degree of hair loss in an individual.

Facts on hair transplants

a) Doctors use the hair of the individual (who wants hair transplant) for the surgery. Hair from another person or a foreign source is not used. In rare cases, doctors may use hair from another person but primarily, the person undergoing surgery get his own hair implanted to the required location.

b) Hair transplants do not involve artificial or prosthetic hair implantation. FDA has banned this process due to many complications that are involved.

c) Hair transplants are not about implanting of hair plugs. These look unnatural.

A hair transplant can be defined as the transference of hair grafts from the region of donor to a different region that's affected by normal male pattern hair loss or female pattern hair loss.

The procedure is undertaken via removing a strip of hair bearing scalp from either the back or sides of the head where the growth of hair is permanent. This region or strip should not have Dihydrotestosterone.

The size of the strip can vary in size. Once this strip is removed, the doctor takes care to suture this donor area back together. The stitches are removed in seven days.

Artificial Hair Implants Once the stitches are removed, the doctor divides the hair bearing scalp into many grafts. These grafts vary in size such as mentioned below:

a) Follicular micro

b) Mini

c) Maxi

As soon as the area is divided into grafts, the doctor works towards preparing the affected area for the implantation. Tiny incisions are made with the help of a surgical instrument in the affected area. The grafts are received in these tiny incisions.

A team for hair transplant work together. The procedure is divided into two teams. One team is devoted to make the recipient incision and the other work towards implanting the new graft.

Once the hair transplant procedure is accomplished successfully, the doctor are advising you on taking good care of your implanted grafts for the next few days. Usually the newly inserted grafts tend to scab as they heal and then fall out in the coming 7 to 21 days.

The newly implanted hair tends to fall out. However, new and permanent hair grows back.

Hair Transplants The hair transplants procedures are not painful. One may feel slight pain or discomfort when the doctor administers local anesthia in the donor area and when the new grafts are implanted.

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