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Celebrity Hairstyles 2019 - Short Vs Long

Rihanna long wavy hairstyle 2019 Every celebrity went crazy lately about short haircuts. Why? Crops and bobs are the look of the moment and are a major comeback for 2019! Let’s see which celebrity can carry off with style their new short hairdo!

Rihanna went from long to a fabulous inverted bob. Recently she went again under the scissors and now she carries out a chic pixie haircut to perfection. It’s a fabulous and flexible haircut that suits her perfect heart shaped face.

Before the hairstyle update, Kimberly Stewart was used to way-long unkempt locks. The look has a distinct Pob-like feel, with choppy edges, asymmetry ad a more believable beige-blonde hair color.

Emma Stone Hairstyles 2019 The Asian beauty has chosen a gorgeous mid-length bob. Tila Tequila’s medium long bob is perfect in between the stage of going from long to short, when you’re not sure yet whether you are ready for a really short hair or not.

This asymmetric bob looks great on Kellie Pickler. Cut to sit above her shoulders, it was worn more to one side to create this stunning ‘do. The nature of this haircut draws attention to the eyes and the bridge of the nose and is a very dramatic look and shape.

After years of seeing with her long locks, it was a huge surprise when Katie Holmes had her hair chopped into an edgy bob with side bangs. A somewhat version of Victoria Beckham’s Pob, it’s become one if the most requested haircuts around the country.