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Mother of the Bride Hairstyles 2014

Mother of the Bride Hair 2014 Hairstyles There are three basic hairstyles: letting your hair down, pulling the top half up while the bottom hangs loose, or a full updo pulled into a bun or similar coiffure. Mothers with short hair or those attending a more informal wedding can get away without doing very much to their hair, but more formal affairs often require the assistance of a professional hairdresser.

Mother of the Bride Hairstyles When deciding on the best hairstyle for your daughter’s wedding, a stylist can be your best friend. Finding the most flattering hairstyle for each face and body type is their specialty.

2014 Mother of the Bride Hairstyles The key is to use your hairstyle to create balance. So if you have a tall, broad forehead, you should choose a style that minimizes it by having some hair drape across the forehead. If you have a narrow face, choose a style where the fullness frames the face to visually “widen” it rather than piling hair on top of your head to elongate it further.

When doing your hair, it’s also important to take your cues from the bride. Don’t let your fancy updo outshine hers at her own wedding. A tastefully chosen hair accessory is appropriate – provided it doesn’t draw attention away from the bride on her big day.

Mother of the Bride 2014 Short hair Hairstyles

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