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Hair Colors 2014 Trends

Hair color can play an extremely large role when it comes to changing your look. That said, choosing the right hair color is not an uncomplicated task. The ideal hair color must go with your skin tone and eyes perfectly to add to one's natural beauty. For women seeking to color their hair, it is important to understand what the current fashionable trends are.

Popular 2014 Hair Colors

Color trends for 2014 are fashion forward and glamorous. The trends are currently undergoing a significant transformation from striking reds to refined blondes. These trends represent more than simply selecting a new hair color; it is all about change, and not just a change of shade, but a spectacular, head turning change. The hot tip for hair color this year is; just change it. This year's colors are anything but dull.

Several stylish and gorgeous hues are hot right now. The most pronounced trend for 2014 is the reemergence of red hair; particularly fiery reds that have lots of sparkle and shine, as well as bright ginger hues and even hair with red neon colors running throughout. All of these options are fashionable and will result in a gorgeous look.

Blonde hair is another color that is all the rage in 2014. There is a vast assortment of blonde shades to choose from and 2014 is definitely the year to make the switch. Lighter, cooler-toned blonde hues are extremely hot at the moment.

Brown hair color is unquestionably in style for 2014. The advantage of brown hair is that it looks fabulous on nearly all skin tones. There is an array of brown shades from which to choose, from dark coffee to light taffy to caramel, depending on what suits your complexion.

Another trend is going darker. The dark burgundy's are back in style, along with dark auburn and chestnut browns. Shiny dark black hair is everywhere. Not only is black a hot hair color for 2013, it is always an excellent alternative for women because it's pretty close to being a permanent trend.

How to Choose the Proper Color

Today women dye their hair for various reasons; whether they just want a change or just want to brighten their natural color. The motives for dyeing hair are as plentiful as the colors existing in today's market. How then should a woman select her ideal hair color?

First, it is essential to be familiar with the diverse types of hair dye available for different types of results. Choosing the right color starts by understanding your skin tone. The trick is to flatter and bring out the best in your complexion. Lighter skin tones will look stunning in a hair color like cool beige blondes or chestnut browns. Slightly warmer skin tones will look terrific in rich shades like deep blondes or cinnamon reds. Those with medium to dark skin tones will look spectacular in chocolate browns, burgundy reds, or even black.

The bottom line is that the right color is whatever color compliments you the best and looks fantastic. Just do your research, try a few out, and above all be patient. Good luck!
Celebrity Hair Color 2014 Trends
Celebrity Hair Color 2014 Trends

Celebrity Hair Color 2014 Trends

Celebrity Hair Color 2014 Trends

Red Hair Color 2014 Trends
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Newest Hottest Spring/Summer Hair Color 2014 Trends

Red Hair Color 2014 Trends
Red Hair Color 2014 Trend

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