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Climacteric or menopause is the time in a woman's life during which her menstrual cycle stops. Most women feel disorientated and lose interest in life during and following this natural phase of their lives. The most impacted is usually their sexual relationships.

This, however, should not be the case, because the climacteric period of a woman's life is when sex should be rediscovered and taken wholeheartedly without the responsibility of managing menstruation and pregnancy.

Every woman should be prepared to go through climacteric or menopause with adequate knowledge that makes it possible for her to manage the symptoms without undue anxieties that cause emotional disorder, withdrawal and lack of amenability to sexual advances by spouse.

One of the symptoms of menopause is loss of sexual drive, which stems from hormonal changes; especially lowered estrogens levels causing the vagina to lose tissues and painful during intercourse, but this along with the other symptoms such as hot flashes, night seats, general disorientation etc are temporary.

If you have adequate knowledge of menopause and its symptoms you can properly and easily manage them and soon the phase will be over ushering you into a period of general bliss, especially sexually, free from all the encumbrances of womanhood.

While menopause lasts, you will be better if you keep your emotions positive rather than negative. Never you look down own yourself as old or good for nothing. Awful moody sprees make your life worse, and more often than not aggravate your hormonal crisis.

Some people will consider hormonal replacement therapy, but the risk of breast cancer associated with it should make you look for alternative natural therapies in conjunction with widely available water-based lubricants to shield the walls of your vagina from abrasion and pain during sexual intercourse.
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