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Body art, piercings and tattoos are very common these days but there has been much debate about body piercing and the risks involved in it. Body piercing means to make a hole in the body to insert a piece of jewelry in ears, nostrils or even belly button. It is essential to choose a safe, clean and professional help to get a body part pierced. Here are some tips for body piercing:

* Clean the area to be pierced with a germicidal soap.

* Use sterilized and sharp needle for puncturing and sterilize the jewelry too.

# Make informed choices and observe the professional instructions for healing the pierced area carefully.

# Research well and take your parents' advice if you are a teen.

# Mouth, nose, tongue, cheek and lip piercing can cause most allergies and gum and dental problems later.

# Certain heart diseases can aggravate due to piercing and you should take doctor's advice before the piercing if you suffer from allergies, infections diabetes and skin disorders.

# Body piecing has been there for centuries in Egyptian, Greek and Roman cultures but it is still a serious decision and has its risks.

# Teens should take advice from experienced people and do research about costs and healing time.

# Never let them use the 'piercing gun' on you as they cannot be sterilized and you can catch infections and even AIDS.

# Jewelry should be of correct size or it may cause swelling and pain.

# The most common risks in body piercing are bacterial infection, lot of bleeding, allergic reactions, neural damages and thick scarring.
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